1. Dual-Key Multimodal Backdoors for Visual Question Answering
    Walmer, Matthew, Sikka, Karan, Sur, Indranil, Shrivastava, Abhinav, and Jha, Susmit
    In CVPR 2022
  2. Challenges in Procedural Multimodal Machine Comprehension: A Novel Way To Benchmark
    Sahu, Pritish, Sikka, Karan, and Divakaran, Ajay
    In WACV 2022


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    Sahu, Pritish, Sikka, Karan, and Divakaran, Ajay
    arXiv 2021
  2. MISA: Online Defense of Trojaned Models using Misattributions
    Kiourti, Panagiota, Li, Wenchao, Roy, Anirban, Sikka, Karan, and Jha, Susmit
    In Annual Computer Security Applications Conference 2021
  3. Resilient Data Augmentation Approaches to Multimodal Verification in the News Domain
    Cadigan, John, Sikka, Karan, Ye, Meng, and Graciarena, Martin
    In ICCV Workshops 2021


  1. Deep adaptive semantic logic (dasl): Compiling declarative knowledge into deep neural networks
    Sikka, Karan, Silberfarb, Andrew, Byrnes, John, Sur, Indranil, Chow, Ed, Divakaran, Ajay, and Rohwer, Richard
    arXiv 2020
  2. Rgb2lidar: Towards solving large-scale cross-modal visual localization
    (Best Paper Finalist)
    Mithun, Niluthpol Chowdhury, Sikka, Karan, Chiu, Han-Pang, Samarasekera, Supun, and Kumar, Rakesh
    In ACMM 2020
  3. Zero-shot learning with knowledge enhanced visual semantic embeddings
    Sikka, Karan, Huang, Jihua, Silberfarb, Andrew, Nayak, Prateeth, Rohrer, Luke, Sahu, Pritish, Byrnes, John, Divakaran, Ajay, and Rohwer, Richard
    arXiv 2020
  4. Detecting trojaned dnns using counterfactual attributions
    Sikka, Karan, Sur, Indranil, Jha, Susmit, Roy, Anirban, and Divakaran, Ajay
    arXiv 2020


  1. Align2ground: Weakly supervised phrase grounding guided by image-caption alignment
    Datta, Samyak, Sikka, Karan, Roy, Anirban, Ahuja, Karuna, Parikh, Devi, and Divakaran, Ajay
    In ICCV 2019
  2. Integrating text and image: Determining multimodal document intent in instagram posts
    Kruk, Julia, Lubin, Jonah, Sikka, Karan, Lin, Xiao, Jurafsky, Dan, and Divakaran, Ajay
    EMNLP 2019
  3. Deep Unified Multimodal Embeddings for Understanding both Content and Users in Social Media Networks
    Sikka, Karan, Van Bramer, Lucas, and Divakaran, Ajay
    arXiv 2019
  4. Foodx-251: a dataset for fine-grained food classification
    Kaur, Parneet, Sikka, Karan, Wang, Weijun, Belongie, Serge, and Divakaran, Ajay
    CVPR Workshops 2019
  5. Sunny and dark outside?! improving answer consistency in vqa through entailed question generation
    Ray, Arijit, Sikka, Karan, Divakaran, Ajay, Lee, Stefan, and Burachas, Giedrius
    EMNLP 2019
  6. Semantically-Aware Attentive Neural Embeddings for Long-Term 2D Visual Localization
    Seymour, Zachary, Sikka, Karan, Chiu, Han-Pang, Samarasekera, Supun, and Kumar, Rakesh
    In BMVC 2019


  1. Zero-shot object detection
    Bansal, Ankan, Sikka, Karan, Sharma, Gaurav, Chellappa, Rama, and Divakaran, Ajay
    In ECCV 2018
  2. Understanding visual ads by aligning symbols and objects using co-attention
    Ahuja, Karuna, Sikka, Karan, Roy, Anirban, and Divakaran, Ajay
    In CVPR Workshops 2018
  3. Make up your mind: Towards consistent answer predictions in vqa models
    Ray, Arijit, Burachas, Giedrius T, Sikka, Karan, Roy, Anirban, Ziskind, Avi, Yao, Yi, and Divakaran, Ajay
    In ECCV Workshops 2018


  1. Deep active object recognition by joint label and action prediction
    Malmir, Mohsen, Sikka, Karan, Forster, Deborah, Fasel, Ian, Movellan, Javier R, and Cottrell, Garrison W
    CVIU 2017
  2. Discriminatively trained latent ordinal model for video classification
    Sikka, Karan, and Sharma, Gaurav
    PAMI 2017
  3. Adascan: Adaptive scan pooling in deep convolutional neural networks for human action recognition in videos
    Kar, Amlan, Rai, Nishant, Sikka, Karan, and Sharma, Gaurav
    In CVPR 2017


  1. Lomo: Latent ordinal model for facial analysis in videos
    Sikka, Karan, Sharma, Gaurav, and Bartlett, Marian
    In CVPR 2016


  1. The more the merrier: Analysing the affect of a group of people in images
    Dhall, Abhinav, Joshi, Jyoti, Sikka, Karan, Goecke, Roland, and Sebe, Nicu
    In AFGR 2015
  2. Exemplar hidden markov models for classification of facial expressions in videos
    Sikka, Karan, Dhall, Abhinav, and Bartlett, Marian
    In CVPR Workshops 2015
  3. Automated assessment of children’s postoperative pain using computer vision
    Sikka, Karan, Ahmed, Alex A, Diaz, Damaris, Goodwin, Matthew S, Craig, Kenneth D, Bartlett, Marian S, and Huang, Jeannie S
    Pediatrics 2015
  4. Joint Clustering and Classification for Multiple Instance Learning
    Sikka, Karan, Giri, Ritwik, and Bartlett, Marian
    In BMVC 2015
  5. Deep Q-learning for Active Recognition of GERMS: Baseline performance on a standardized dataset for active learning.
    Malmir, Mohsen, Sikka, Karan, Forster, Deborah, Movellan, Javier R, and Cottrell, Garison
    In BMVC 2015


  1. A discriminative parts based model approach for fiducial points free and shape constrained head pose normalisation in the wild
    Dhall, Abhinav, Sikka, Karan, Littlewort, Gwen, Goecke, Roland, and Bartlett, Marian
    In WACV 2014
  2. Classification and weakly supervised pain localization using multiple segment representation
    Sikka, Karan, Dhall, Abhinav, and Bartlett, Marian Stewart
    IVC 2014
  3. Emotion recognition in the wild challenge 2014: Baseline, data and protocol
    Dhall, Abhinav, Goecke, Roland, Joshi, Jyoti, Sikka, Karan, and Gedeon, Tom
    In ICMI 2014
  4. Facial expression analysis for estimating pain in clinical settings
    Sikka, Karan
    In ICMI 2014


  1. Weakly supervised pain localization using multiple instance learning
    (Best Student Paper Honorable Mention Award)
    Sikka, Karan, Dhall, Abhinav, and Bartlett, Marian
    In AFGR 2013
  2. Multiple kernel learning for emotion recognition in the wild
    (Best Paper Award)
    Sikka, Karan, Dykstra, Karmen, Sathyanarayana, Suchitra, Littlewort, Gwen, and Bartlett, Marian
    In ICMI 2013
  3. Pseudo vs. true defect classification in printed circuits boards using wavelet features
    Sikka, Sahil, Sikka, Karan, Bhuyan, Manas Kamal, and Iwahori, Yuji
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1310.6654 2013


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